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Teeth Straightening In Leeds

Dreaming of having perfectly straight teeth? Misaligned teeth can really affect the confidence you have in your smile. But there is so much more to having straight teeth than just a confident smile.

Having a well-aligned bite and straight teeth can save you from a lot of potential oral health issues. If your teeth are crowded, it could cause a build-up of plaque. This can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. The more aligned your teeth are, the easier you’ll find chewing as you won’t find that you get food stuck between them quite so much. Having straight teeth can also make you speak clearly.

The best way to straighten your teeth is through an orthodontic treatment such as clear braces or by using removable aligners. At The Yorkshire Dental Suite, we offer a range of cosmetic teeth straightening options from traditional orthodontic treatment to Invisalign treatment.

Our cosmetic teeth straightening treatment options

Here at The Yorkshire Dental Suite, we offer options to suit your budget and lifestyle.

There was once a time when teeth straightening was something that was carried out in adolescence. These days, more and more adults are opting for cosmetic teeth straightening work, and orthodontic treatment is now seen as being for everyone.

Our cosmetic teeth straightening options include:

  • Clear braces
  • Invisalign treatment

Book a consultation today to find out whether you’re a suitable candidate for cosmetic straightening.

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Your Teeth Straightening Process

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You’ve probably got tonnes of questions - so we’ve answered the most common ones.

What’s the difference between clear braces and 6 month smiles?

Clear braces are effectively the same as 6 month smiles. They are a clear brace system and on average, the treatment time until the teeth become straight are 6 months (hence the name).

This does vary for each individual however depending on the level of crowding and complexity of case.

Which system is best for me? clear braces or invisalign?

Great question & only the dentist can answer this for you at your consultation.

Each system has its own unique advantages which makes the system better suited for each different individual.

For example, clear braces are a fixed option and tend to straighten the teeth faster than invisalign, whereas invisalign is a removable clear retainer system which you wear all day and only remove during meals.

Clear Braces or Metal Braces?

At Yorkshire Dental Suite we are always keeping up to date with the latest and more aesthetic treatments.

Fixed metal (traditional braces) are another option to straighten your teeth however these “ugly betty” braces fix to the front of the teeth and can appear unsightly, and lower your self confidence. Although this option is slightly cheaper the treatment time is generally the same.

For these reasons we only offer clear braces or invisalign as teeth straightening methods to our clients.

What are typical teeth straightening prices in Leeds?

We have ensured all our teeth straightening prices including our clear brace prices are extremely competitive when compared to other expert dentists in Leeds.

For clear braces, the cost is from £3750 for upper and lower and from £2750 for just a single arch.

You can also of course pay via 0% Interest free finance which we can arrange for you following your consultation.

The great thing about teeth straightening is that it is done over a prolonged period of time.

This allows you to spread out the cost and pay in “chunks” throughout the length of treatment thus making the treatment much more affordable.

Following treatment completion viviera retainers are required to stop your teeth from going back to their original position. These retainers cost £495 for a set of 3 retainers.

Do clear braces hurt?

Not at all. What most clients describe is mild temporary discomfort for a few days after the clear braces are placed and maybe after some adjustments.

This discomfort goes after taking ibuprofen.

We will give you thorough instructions following your brace fit to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible.

Do I really need my teeth straightened?

Aside from the cosmetic benefits associated with teeth straightening, there are some excellent health reasons to get this kind of treatment. For instance, if you have crowded or misaligned teeth, it can cause plaque to form in the parts you cannot easily clean. This, in turn, can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Have your front teeth straightened will also help prevent food from getting trapped. It can also be useful for improving your speech.

It’s not just crowded or crooked teeth that teeth straightening can help. If you have gaps in your teeth, undergoing cosmetic teeth straightening treatment will help bring your teeth back together.

Can teeth straightening be painful?

You may be anxious about the level of pain or discomfort that you’ll experience as a result of your teeth straightening procedure.

The great news is that teeth straightening is not painful. If you opt for traditional metal braces, you may feel slight discomfort when your dentist first engages the wire in your recently placed brackets; however, this should only last for a few days.

Clear aligners, on the other hand, are comfortable. So much so, you’ll barely notice that you’ve got them in.

Is cosmetic teeth straightening cost-effective?

Yes. There are many different teeth straightening options to suit your financial situation, from clear braces to Invisalign. Speak with your dentist to find out which is the best cosmetic teeth straightening option for your needs.

Is teeth straightening the same as orthodontic treatment?

Yes. Orthodontic treatments are designed to straighten your teeth.

Traditional braces such as metal or ceramic braces use a metal wire, whereas with cosmetic teeth straightening, you’ll wear a discreet aligner designed to suit your teeth.

Why Choose The Yorkshire Dental Suite For Teeth Straightening?

Whenever you opt for any major dental care procedure, you’ll want to know that you’re in good hands. We know that being sat in the dental chair can be a challenging experience for many, and for that reason, we do everything possible to make you feel completely at ease with us.

From the moment you enter our Leeds practice, we aim to ensure that you’re able to relax. We’ve considered every aspect of your experience, from the ambience of the waiting area right through to the aftercare you’ll receive following your treatment.

Not only are we experts in cosmetic teeth straightening, but we’re a caring practice. We want to change lives through our dentistry, and whether you’re having clear braces or Invisalign treatment, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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The Benefits Of Having Your Teeth Straightening By Us

Cosmetic teeth straightening focuses on gently realigning your teeth so that your smile can shine through as it should. In addition to regaining confidence in your smile, there are many more benefits to cosmetic teeth straightening.

Crowded teeth are a haven for bacteria. Lodged foodstuffs can lead to dental health issues such as a large build-up of plaque. Over time, this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. It’s important that you get this problem addressed. Cosmetic teeth straightening is the best way of combating this issue.

Teeth that are too far apart can equally be a problem. If you have this issue, braces or aligners can help dramatically.

Having your cosmetic teeth straightening treatment carried out at The Yorkshire Dental Suite means that you’ll get a full dental care plan that will start with your initial assessment and continue right through to the aftercare that follows.

Traditional braces may be one option you wish to consider; however, we provide clear braces that are discreet and virtually invisible. These allow you to feel confident while undergoing the cosmetic teeth straightening procedure.

At all times, our friendly and helpful team will be on hand to support you and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible with your treatment.

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"Awesome service from a team who quite simply are at the top of their game. The service my wife received due to a difficult extraction requiring sedation was superb from start to finish. She was reassured and the whole procedure was successful without any problems at all. Thanks and well done."

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"Would highly recommend YDS to anyone that wants to perfect their smile. Went in for my consultation and the staff made me feel at ease and comfortable as soon as I walked through the door. They were incredibly kind and knowledgeable with the information they gave me as I had a few questions before my assessment with the DR."

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"The Yorkshire Dental Suite is a well run professional buisness. The staff are all very friendly and welcoming and caring and put you at ease with their great attitude. I am very happy with the work I have had done and feel relaxed and happy about continuing on with my treatment"

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"Definitely recommend this place. I am absolutely satisfied with everything that doctor Dr Dalghous did for my wife. Many many thanks for your attention and high professionalism. You can trust them and it's right choice to come to YDS."

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