Composite Bonding Benefits - The Ultimate Smile Makeover

January 31st, 2023

The Benefits of Composite Bonding

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By Dr Phil End

Composite bonding has become an increasingly common option for improving your smile, but why? Let’s explore the benefits…

No Anaesthetic, No Worries

Composite bonding is a completely additive technique which means there is little or no drilling of your natural tooth. This means that it requires no anaesthetic! Therefore, you can sit back and relax whilst we transform your smile. Often patients fall asleep during this procedure!

Bonding Treatment Takes Just A Single Session

Composite bonding is completed in one sitting! In just a few hours you can smile with a new found confidence. If you have a busy lifestyle and you’re looking to take off as little time off work as possible then composite bonding is the right option for you!

1. Lengthen Teeth

Composite bonding can be used to lengthen teeth! Patients often attend with tooth wear and short teeth which may mean that you cannot see your teeth when you smile. Adding length to your teeth can make a huge difference to your smile!

2. Restore Decayed / Chipped Teeth

Composite bonding can be used to restore decay or chipped teeth. Often patients come to see us with dental issues as well as cosmetic issues. In just one sitting we can resolve all your problems and you can leave with a healthy, good looking smile!

3. Easily Repairable

Composite bonding is easily repairable! If you have an accident and chip your bonding it can be very easily fixed!

4. Your Colour, Your Choice

Composite bonding can be placed using varying colours to achieve the desired result! Whether you want natural, super white or something in between there are many different options which we can discuss with you to get your dream smile! Remember your smile should suit you and your personality!

Ultimately composite bonding is an amazing way to improve your smile. So much so that I have composite bonding on my own teeth. As they say practice what you preach!

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