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February 13th, 2024

Composite Bonding Upgraded: The YDS Way

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Close up of a patient's mouth while they are receiving the Nanofill Composite Bonding® cosmetic dentirsty treatment from Yorkshire Dental Suite.

Composite bonding treatments are transforming thanks to our exclusive, trademarked Nanofill composite bonding® material – an upgrade to traditional teeth bonding that delivers a brighter and more durable final result.

Demand for Nanofill Composite Bonding® is so strong that we’re opening up three more clinics across the country later this year!

Since we opened in 2016, we’ve become a recognised name in cosmetic dentistry. It’s thanks to our unique approach that focuses on patient comfort and innovative treatments.

One of our most popular treatments is our Nanofill Composite Bonding® treatment, which uses a special material that’s an evolution from the already popular cosmetic teeth bonding treatments currently available to anyone considering an upgrade to their smile.

The process involves applying a white filling material over the tooth’s surface which alters its colour, size and shape without compromising your underlying tooth structure.

Traditional Composite Bonding: Pros & Cons

Composite bonding is a popular fix for smile makeovers because it offers patients who are looking to reshape or brighten their smile a chance to get quick, non-invasive and effective results. The benefits of traditional composite bonding include:

  • Looks that wow: It matches your natural teeth colour for a seamless appearance.
  • Fixing flaws: Composite bonding is ideal for minor issues like chips, cracks or small gaps.
  • Gentle on enamel: Requires minimal enamel removal, making it less invasive.

Yet, there are downsides:

  • Watch for stains: It can stain due to common culprits such as coffee or smoking.
  • Handle with care: It’s not as tough as alternatives, so be cautious to avoid chips.
  • Time limit: Typically lasts 5 to 10 years, requiring touch-ups or replacements.

The Nanofill Composite Bonding® Revolution: Exclusive Benefits

Nanofill composite bonding® is a game-changing upgrade to traditional composite bonding. Here’s why it’s stealing the spotlight:

  • Built to last: Packed with tiny particles, it’s stronger and longer-lasting.
  • Stain-proof tech: The finer particles make it resistant to stains, ensuring a brighter smile.
  • Less maintenance: Enjoy a more durable solution with fewer trips to the dentist for touch-ups.

This smile-transforming treatment is already available at our Leeds and York clinics. Our new clinics, all of which will offer cutting-edge, non-invasive Nanofill Composite Bonding® treatment which is available exclusively at YDS, will open soon in:

  1. Hull
  2. Wakefield
  3. Chelsea, London

Patient-First Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments:

Available exclusively at the luxury YDS clinics in Leeds and York, and soon to be seen across the country, Nanofill Composite Bonding® boasts a range of patient benefits including:

  • Same-day results
  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Repairability & removal
  • Cost-effectiveness relative to other cosmetic treatments

At Yorkshire Dental Suite, patients can get brighter and longer-lasting smiles with Nanofill Composite Bonding® – the future of non-invasive cosmetic dentistry.

We always work with your comfort in mind, so if you’re nervous or apprehensive about treatment, bear in mind we offer:

  • Non-invasive solutions: Nanofill Composite Bonding® provides the brighter and straighter cosmetic improvements patients want without the invasiveness – the whole process is done without sedatives or injections.
  • Luxurious environment: The plush YDS clinics are designed to create a relaxed feeling for patients, alleviating the sterile feel associated with traditional dental offices. It feels more like a trip to the spa than to the dentist…


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