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February 12th, 2024

A Better Fit: How Our Digital Workflow Gives You Ultra-Precise Dental Implants 

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YDS patients will now have access to the most precise and best fitting dental implants possible and, even better, you’ll enjoy this with fewer appointments.

We’re proud to be dental innovators, and we always aim to give you appointments that are comfortable and treatments that are best-in-class.

These include services like our trademarked Nanofill Composite Bonding which boasts brighter and more durable results than traditional composite bonding, perfect for patients who want a pain-free path to a new and brighter smile.

We do this because we want our patients to have the highest quality and most comfortable dental treatments possible.

With that in mind, we’re now giving you better-fitting implants and a shorter appointments process – but how are we doing it?

In a nutshell: By using game-changing advances in digital dentistry like photogrammetry (3D imaging) and manufacturing breakthroughs such as CAD/CAM (3D printing).

These industry-leading technologies allow us to drastically cut down the amount of time you spend in the clinic while giving you a better final result.

What Does a ‘Digital Dental Implant Workflow’ Mean For You?

You’ll get better fitting implants in fewer appointments. We’ve even removed the need for those gooey moulds, as we use ultra-precise digital scanners instead.

What is the Digital Dental Implant Workflow?

The first thing you should know about digital dentistry, particularly for dental implants, is that you don’t have to use dental moulds to create dental records of the inside of your mouth.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable & imprecise dental moulds:

We’ve replaced old-fashioned moulds that patients put into their mouth with a state-of-the-art intraoral scanner that captures the surface of the tissue and the bite relationship between your two jaws.

Analogue vs Digital Workflow for Dental Implants:

  1. The old manual process: Includes several ‘measurement appointments’ before and after your surgery that use moulds & cast models to approximate a good fitting for your smile.
  2. The new digital workflow: Uses ultra-precise digital scans & 3D printing to give you a perfect, customised fitting that’s accurate to the millimetre.

What is Photogrammetry?

In simple terms, photogrammetry is the science of getting 3D measurements and information about physical objects using 2D images.

The process involves determining where the cameras are, how they’re positioned and orientated, calculating the spatial relationships between the images, and extracting 3D information from the images to create a detailed and accurate representation of the subject.

This allows the cameras to: 

  • Measure where one implant is located in 3D space. 
  • More accurately record the relationships between multiple implants.

Photogrammetry also creates maps of the photographed objects that include accurate measurements. This is how we can give you incredibly well-fitting dental implants.

What does a Photogrammetry camera do?

This special camera takes 2D images from multiple angles and analyses & interprets them to give a final 3D image.

The images are processed using software to create a 3D model or map of the photographed objects. In contrast to intraoral scanners, photogrammetry cameras are extraoral, so they can capture all of the scan bodies at one time.

Fewer dentist appointments & better-fitting implants.

We’re using our new digital workflow system to give you shorter dentist appointments and a faster implant treatment process.

How? By reducing the length of time it takes your treatment team to create a custom-fitting set of implants.

The benefit of a digital workflow for implants? Patients no longer have to visit the clinic several times between their consultation and surgery. All the planning & measuring work is done by the YDS team.

If eligible, you can go from initial consultation straight to surgery to get your new smile

Benefits of the digital workflow:

Digital technology in implant dentistry is an incredibly important revolution because it changes how implantologists plan, design and manufacture implants.

Now, a digital workflow has almost fully eliminated manual processes in implant dentistry.

  • Precision & accuracy – Ultra-precise digital scans replace moulds for a perfect fit.
  • More comfortable process – No need for gooey moulds in your mouth!
  • Fewer appointments – The digital scans remove the need for extra measuring appointments.

The CAD/CAM system lets your dental team create a ‘Digital Workflow’ and allows a much faster implant production process. This new digital workflow also means that the quality of your prostheses (implants) is better.

The CAD/CAM system doesn’t just create a digital workflow that increases productivity, it also means your dental team can work with new materials with a high level of accuracy… this means you get a faster, safer treatment.

The digital dentistry revolution brings patient benefits

Transitioning to digital dentistry is a revolutionary change in implant dentistry that brings with it the possibility of numerous patient benefits. The use of photogrammetry and CAD/CAM ensures precision, comfort and efficiency in the creation of custom-fit implants. Patients can now experience shorter appointments and a faster treatment process, bypassing the inconvenience of traditional moulds. Removing manual processes enhances the overall quality of prostheses, providing a faster, safer and more accurate dental treatment experience.

Dental implants at Yorkshire Dental Suite:

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