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Teeth Whitening in Manchester

Unleash Your Ideal Smile With YDS Teeth Whitening

Want to say goodbye to stains? As a centre of excellence chosen by the Teeth Whitening Association, we take pride in our status as a premier destination for professional teeth whitening. We’re dedicated to helping you reclaim your self-assured, beaming smile through dentist-developed treatment and Smile White’s incredibly effective whitening system, the highest-rated in the UK.

What is Teeth Whitening? It's a transformative cosmetic dentistry procedure that can rejuvenate your smile's radiance and give you your smile back.

Dentist-grade whitening gel is added to custom-fitted trays to give you incredible results. Choose YDS Manchester and it's not just win-win, it's grin-grin.

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The Perfect Way to Get a Glowing White Smile That Really Lasts

Whether your teeth have lost their lustre due to staining or discolouration, our specialised approach combines skill and cutting-edge techniques to unveil a more brilliant version of your grin. We use our own SuperFit™ cosmetic teeth whitening trays and 16% carbamide peroxide whitening gel for guaranteed great results. The results will leave you beaming.


Whiter Teeth, Brighter Life – Unlock a Dazzling Smile

A whiter, brighter smile can be a real game-changer when it comes to confidence – but how do you get one that lasts? At home whitening kits use low-concentration whitening gel that will have you topping up every few weeks.

We don’t do that. Our kit, developed and crafted by top dentists, delivers results that shine on for a stunning 3 years. We do this with FreshGel™, the unrivalled whitening formula with the highest viscosity in the market. This means it adheres to your whitening trays like no other, ensuring lightning-fast teeth whitening.

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Treatment Price
Whitening Consultation £45
Professional Teeth Whitening £395 or from £7 per month
Whitening Gel Syringe £95

Whiten Your Teeth, Don’t Lighten Your Wallet

At YDS Manchester, we want professional teeth whitening to be available to everyone. That’s why we promise clear, transparent pricing and no hidden extras. Worried about the expense? We offer flexible 0% interest finance packages.

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Our Steps

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Step One

Your Consultation

Have a chat with our whitening expert to discuss the process and ask any questions you may have.

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Step Two

Your Check-Up and Scans

We’ll do a thorough dental check-up and then take accurate 3D scans of your teeth to get your custom whitening trays made.

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Step Three

Collect Your Whitening Trays & Start Whitening

Get your bespoke SuperFit™ whitening trays to take home and start the journey to your new, whiter smile.

Teeth Whitening Results

YDS Manchester delivers outstanding teeth whitening results – check out these stunning transformations.

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Teeth Whitening FAQ

We’ve aimed to answer your questions about teeth whitening. If we’ve missed any, please feel free to get in touch with us.

How much does teeth whitening cost in Manchester?

We have ensured our prices are extremely competitive compared to other dentists in Manchester. We only offer the very best professional teeth whitening options on the market, and these start from £395. We also offer finance options to help spread the cost. Don’t fall for cheap online kits with low-strength whitening gel – they don’t work anywhere near as well. There’s a reason their teeth whitening prices are so low – they’re ineffective.

I’ve tried non-professional blue light teeth whitening before and it didn’t work, why will smile white be different?

The reason why non-professional teeth whitening doesn’t work is because the concentration of gel that’s used is extremely low (0.16%) whereas professional products like Smile White are 100x more concentrated (16%) meaning the gel can powerfully break down staining and whiten the tooth from the inside – that’s why the results with professional products like Smile White are a lot more noticeable.

How is Smile White so effective at whitening teeth?

The FreshGel 16% carbamide peroxide syringes are made from the freshest active ingredients to whiten your teeth and provide you with great results that last. Your bespoke SuperFit™ teeth whitening trays are custom made for your teeth only which means they keep the gel in the ideal position over your tooth surface to whiten effectively.

Will my teeth become sensitive?

Sensitivity is a normal part of the professional teeth whitening process as during the first few days of teeth whitening the stains within the tooth are broken down, making the tooth a little more exposed than normal. This quickly dies down after the first few days of teeth whitening and the sensitivity subsides. Smile White whitening gel contains desensitisers to reduce the sensitivity even more.

Are there any products I can use to help with any sensitivity I might experience during my pro teeth whitening treatment?

Yes – the expert team of Smile White teeth whitening professionals have designed and developed the perfect anti-sensitivity toothpaste called ‘Gentle Care’ which you can use alongside your pro teeth whitening treatment to minimise sensitivity. Use Gentle Care like your normal toothpaste at morning and night.

Do you offer in-chair whitening?

No. Smile White pro whitening is an at-home professional teeth whitening treatment where your Smile White dentist will provide you with your bespoke SuperFit™ teeth whitening trays and 16% carbamide peroxide FreshGel kit.

This is more effective than in-chair whitening as the in-chair system uses a blue light that dehydrates teeth, making them look temporarily whiter. The problem is, once you leave the clinic and your teeth rehydrate, they return back to their original colour. That’s why even in-chair systems still provide you with a home kit to use after your in-chair treatment, the results are seen from at-home whitening NOT the in-chair whitening.