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Same-day Implants In Leeds

We all like to look our best when we smile. But loose, damaged, or missing teeth,
can really knock your confidence. Fortunately, modern cosmetic dentistry means we can help you overcome all these issues and give you the confidence to smile brightly once more.

At Yorkshire Dental Suite, we offer same-day implants that can really benefit not just your oral health, but your whole life. Best of all, unlike traditional dental implants, this procedure can be done in just one day.

If you’ve got several missing teeth, this procedure is for you. These days, there’s no need to put up with ill-fitting dentures when in JUST ONE DAY, you can get back perfect, pearly white teeth with our same-day smile treatment.

Yorkshire Dental Suite is proud to be the Dental Implant Associations chosen provider in the North of England

Get back to the old you

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dental implants before and after
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dental implants before and after
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Our Same-Day Dental Implant Treatment

Same-day implants are sometimes referred to as ‘teeth in a day’, ‘all-on-four’, or ‘full-arch dental implants’. You may also hear them called a ‘supported bridge.’ In some respects, they are similar to a regular dental implant, but with these implants, you can have multiple teeth fixed in place.

We understand your pain

  • Price How much is the treatment going to cost?
  • Fear Is the treatment painful?
  • Aftercare How long will my dental implants last?
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Transparent pricing for everyone

We understand one of the main fears people have about undergoing dental implant treatment is the cost of treatment. That’s why we believe in a one fee approach to dental implants with no hidden costs or extras. See our pricing table below:

Treatment Price Guided bone regeneration Appointments Sedation available Number of implants Interest free finance
Single implant £2800 Included if needed 3 Yes 1
Teeth in half a day single arch (upper or lower) £16,000 Included if needed 3/4 Yes 4/6
Teeth in half a day double arch £26,000 Included if needed 4/5 Yes 12/14

Additional services

In some clinical scenarios patients may require additional treatments such as block bone grafts or complex phased treatment. IV sedation is also an option for nervous patients alongside Implant treatment. Additional services range between £1,200 – £4,000 and will be clearly discussed at your no obligation consultation.

Affordable payment options

At YDS we are proud to offer a variety of interest free finance options to spread the cost of your dental implant treatment. We also believe in a flexible approach to treatment planning and so our surgeons are specially trained to be able to provide patients with different treatment options at different prices.

For example: Julie books an appointment at YDS to replace her top missing teeth. She is unable to afford the fee for teeth in half a day to replace her missing teeth and so after discussing with the implant surgeon they decide to opt for an Implant retained denture which consists of a horseshoe ultra-thin denture that clips on to two fixed dental implants which is roughly half the price of teeth in half a day.

Your dental implant Your Same Day Implant Process

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Step 3

Book your treatment

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Enjoy your new smile

More about our process

Walk in to Yorkshire Dental Suite, and walk out the same day with a completely new, sparkling fresh smile, with our ‘Teeth in A Day’ service.

Here at Yorkshire Dental Suite, we provide life-changing full arch Dental Implant treatments to patients who require all their teeth at the same time. Our expert Dental Implant team can rebuild a whole set of your teeth, and give you back a pleasing smile.

Proud to have a team of experienced clinicians

  • Over 2000 implants placed
  • Over 65 years experience
  • Run training courses

Ask yourself this:

If you live a distance is it worth travelling to Yorkshire for one of the most important procedures of your life?

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We may treat footballers and celebs but we always remember we are Yorkshire folk so our celeb procedures do not have celeb pricing


You’ve probably got tonnes of questions. But before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones.

Is implant dentistry painful?

Having the implant treatment may sound complicated and painful; however, your dentist will have carried out the same procedure countless times, so you’re in very safe hands.

The procedure is carried out in multiple stages as you’ll need to allow for bone growth. You’ll be provided with an anaesthetic to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the various stages of the procedure.

You shouldn’t experience too much pain or discomfort when getting the procedure. The benefits of the treatment will also help prevent any further oral health issues or discomfort.

Are there different types of dental implants?

There are different dental implants available. The type of implant you get will depend on several factors. These include how many teeth need replacing and your suitability for the procedure.

The most common implant option is known as an endosteal implant. Endosteal implants are placed through your gum tissue directly into your jawbone. This provides replacement tooth roots.

Because endosteal implants consist of a titanium implant placed into your jaw, they offer unmatched strength.

If you’re not a suitable candidate for endosteal implants, you may still be able to have subperiosteal implants. These go through your gums and sit above your jawbone. They are still a great option to replace missing teeth as they offer strength and protect your surrounding teeth from decay.

Your dentist will be able to tell you which type of implant you’re best suited to.

Will a dental implant blend in with my natural teeth?

The great news about having an artificial tooth root with a crown is that your implant teeth will look just like your other existing teeth. We’ll make up your dental crown to match the colour and the shape of your existing teeth so it will look perfectly in place with them.

I have multiple missing teeth, will I be suitable for dental implants?

Yes. If your missing teeth are located in the same area, it’s possible to have multiple teeth restored simultaneously using a combination of implants and a bridge.

Make an appointment to have a consultation with us, and we’ll be able to let you know what will be possible in your particular case.

Our Same Day Dental Implant Treatments

Your dental implant treatment will start with an initial consultation where we’ll discuss the procedure with you and see whether you’re a suitable candidate. Our friendly dentist will ask you a few general questions about your overall health and lifestyle. They’ll also take x-rays of your teeth and the surrounding bone.

This initial assessment will give us an idea of whether your jawbone is ready to take the implant or whether you’ll need a bone graft first.

Once we’re satisfied that dental implants are right for you, we’ll work out a bespoke treatment plan and discuss the cost of dental implant surgery with you.

If you opt for a single dental implant, the first stage of the process will be to make a hole in your jawbone ready to take the implant. This will be carried out under anaesthetic by one of our expert dentists. Following this stage, you’ll need to leave time for the bone to heal before moving onto the second step.

Once the dentist is satisfied that your jawbone has sufficiently healed, you’ll be ready to have the small titanium screw fitted. Again, this will be done under anaesthetic. Once this is in position, you will again need to wait for the bone to heal.

While you’re waiting for the bone to heal, we’ll start preparing the replacement teeth. This will be made based on your other teeth so that a natural look can be achieved. Once your jaw is ready, we’ll be able to place the crown, and you can enjoy the benefits of your new teeth.

Why Choose The Yorkshire Dental Suite For Your Same Day Dental Implant?

When having major work such as the dental implant procedure, you need to know that you’re in both capable and experienced hands. Not only are we both of these, but we’re also understanding.

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"Awesome service from a team who quite simply are at the top of their game. The service my wife received due to a difficult extraction requiring sedation was superb from start to finish. She was reassured and the whole procedure was successful without any problems at all. Thanks and well done."

Duncan Muress

Duncan Muress
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"Would highly recommend YDS to anyone that wants to perfect their smile. Went in for my consultation and the staff made me feel at ease and comfortable as soon as I walked through the door. They were incredibly kind and knowledgeable with the information they gave me as I had a few questions before my assessment with the DR."

Nemo Lebestia

Nemo Lebestia
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"The Yorkshire Dental Suite is a well run professional buisness. The staff are all very friendly and welcoming and caring and put you at ease with their great attitude. I am very happy with the work I have had done and feel relaxed and happy about continuing on with my treatment"

David Bryan

david bryan
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"Definitely recommend this place. I am absolutely satisfied with everything that doctor Dr Dalghous did for my wife. Many many thanks for your attention and high professionalism. You can trust them and it's right choice to come to YDS."

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Andrejs Cvetkovs
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