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A New Smile With Teeth in a Day Implants

Rediscover your best self with same-day dental implants. Eat freely, live happily and regain your confidence with treatment from renowned specialists.

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Teeth in a Day

Dental implants aren’t ‘one size fits all’. We treat individuals, drawing on years of experience in crafting perfect smiles. When it comes to the cost, there are no hidden extras – the price you see is the price you pay. If you see an implant price elsewhere, consider why it’s so cheap.

  • Are they the UK’s chosen provider for the Dental Implant Association? No, because we are.
  • Did their surgeons found the British Academy of Implant Dentists? No, ours did.
  • Do they include the option of sedation across all of their teeth-in-a-day treatment fees? We do.
  • Do they use resin for their final bridgework? We don’t – we use ceramic and porcelain for lasting results and strong, gleaming teeth.



Years of implantology experience in our expert team


We’ve transformed miles of smiles


Interest-free options to finance your smile makeover.

What Teeth in a Day Can Mean For You

If you’ve put up with damaged teeth, dentures and dental problems, we feel your pain. You might have had to avoid certain foods for years or even decades, you might have hidden your natural smile and avoided the dentist. You’re not alone – and dental implants can be the answer. They’re not just about teeth – they really can help transform your smile and life. Teeth in a day can help you get your life back on track in so many ways. Our experts will deliver

  • A smile in a day that lasts
  • A treatment plan tailored to you
  • Improved speech, confidence and eating
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Why Choose YDS Leeds For Your Teeth Implants?

As artists and skilled implantologists dedicated to crafting beautiful smiles, our focus is solely on providing dental implant solutions and oral cosmetic dentistry, making us industry-leaders in those complementary fields.

We specialise in full mouth dental implants and the cosmetic finishes that make smiles extra stunning. We don’t stop at implanting teeth. Our experts spend extra time and care on the bespoke porcelain bridges that will make up your new smile.

All of this is in the service of patients and their smiles. Day in and day out, we remain focused on our mission: bringing smiles to life through our cosmetic artistry and implantology excellence.

YDS Implant Centre Leeds Pricing

We believe in making world-class dental implants available for everyone.
Our finance options include 0% interest for up to 2 years. We also offer a 5-year payment package with an interest rate of 9.9%.
The cost of a dental implant can vary from case to case, so we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about payment and spreading the cost of your treatment.

Compare Our Teeth In A Day Dental Implant Packages
Teeth In A Day Gold Teeth In A Day Platinum Teeth In A Day Diamond
4 Implants 4-6 Implants 4-10 Implants
Top or Bottom Top or Bottom Top or Bottom
Acrylic Bridge With Composite Gum Work Ultra Aesthetic Monolythic Zirconia Bridge Diamond Cut Zirconia Bridge With Individual Crowns
Single Arch
Single Arch
Single Arch
Teeth In A Day Gold Teeth In A Day Platinum Teeth In A Day Diamond
4 Implants 4-6 Implants 4-10 Implants
Top & Bottom Top & Bottom Top & Bottom
Acrylic Bridges With Composite Gum Work Ultra Aesthetic Monolythic Zirconia Bridges Diamond Cut Zirconia Bridges With Individual Crowns
Dual Arch
Dual Arch
Dual Arch

What do our packages include?

Teeth In a Day Gold

Our Essential package covers 4 implants, either top, bottom or both, with ultra-aesthetic acrylic bridgework for a transformative smile.

Teeth In a Day Platinum

Our Professional package includes 4-6 implants, top, bottom or both, along with ultra-aesthetic zirconia bridges for an even brighter, stronger smile.

Teeth in a Day Diamond

Our top package, Premium, is also available for top, bottom or both arches, but includes 8-10 implants, along with zirconia bridges with individual crowns - the gold standard in implant dentistry.

All packages stay for a complimentary overnight stay at the 5-star Dakota Hotel in Leeds, as long as you’re travelling more than 60 miles for your treatment.


Travelling for treatment with YDS? Enjoy a touch of luxury! Stay at the prestigious Dakota Hotel in the heart of Leeds and we’ll cover the costs of your accommodation and travel.
Qualify for this exclusive package if you're travelling 60 miles or more to our clinic.
We've handpicked the gorgeous Dakota Hotel to ensure you experience 5-Star comfort after your 5-Star rated implant appointment!
It’s all part of the elite-level service you can expect from Yorkshire Dental Suite.

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Same-Day Teeth

Single implants and full arches the very same day.

Image 2

Eat and Smile With Freedom

Discover the difference confidence in your teeth can make.

Image 3

Implants With Little Bone

Our experts can make a lot out of a little.

Image 4

Lifetime Longevity on YDS Implants

High-quality materials for long-lasting results.

Image 5

Interest-Free Financing Available

Spread the cost with our finance options.

Image 6

Sedation or Anaesthesia

Your choice of local anaesthesia or sedation for your comfort.



Heroes don’t just exist in Marvel movies - our team are all legends in their field. From the first consultation onwards, you’ll be dealing with professionals who’ll tailor your treatment programme to your personal needs. We don’t palm you off with sub-standard surgeons. And the service doesn’t end after you’ve gone home - you can join our care plan to remain one of our preferred clients.

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Your Transformation Starts Here

Our teeth-in-a-day treatments can really transform not just your teeth, but your whole face and outlook on life. Unlike our competitors, we see creating beautiful smiles as an artform, which is why we work to give you the perfect look after your implants are fitted.

Just look at what’s possible with real-life examples of our teeth in a day procedure…

Jacks Before and After Implants
Image 1

Marie opted for a glamorous, gleaming 'Hollywood' shade of white for her bridges, something our expert ceramicist was delighted to deliver.

Image 1

Jennifer was a little nervous about her treatment, so she chose to have sedation. Good news for her - it was already included in YDS 'no hidden fees' price.

Image 1

Dorothy had very little bone to work with, making this a complex case. But it wasn't a problem for our surgeons, who performed an on-the-day bone graft.



Two of our very own implant experts have put together this essential guide packed full of useful information. Simply add your email address and we’ll send you a free copy.

Dental Implants Patient Guide
YDS Award in Medicine


Your perfect smile begins here.

Want to know more about multiple implants? We can answer any question you might have - get in touch now.