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Dental Implants in Leeds by Yorkshire Dental Suite

If you are looking for affordable, effective and long lasting dental implants in Leeds, Yorkshire then our friendly and expert implants team can help.

Lots of Dentists can place dental implants, but what makes us different?

Our specialist oral surgeon Dr. Abdul Dalghous has over 20 years of experience in placing dental implants and his client reviews speak for themselves.

He is one of the few Specialist oral surgeons in the U.K. (not just Yorkshire) that places dental implants also with the option of sedation in order to make your treatment more pleasurable.

Even one missing tooth can knock your confidence, make chewing painful or awkward, and affect the way you speak. But you don’t have to suffer and accept it.

A small titanium implant will replace the roots of the tooth that was once there, providing stable support for a single crown to replace one missing tooth, or a bridge/denture to replace multiple missing teeth.

The implant will bring your smile back, help you chew properly and have you talking normally again without feeling insecure or self-conscious.

Photo below- Dr. Dalghous and nurse Anna placing a Dental Implant.

Yorkshire Dental Suite is rated 5 out of 5 based on 412 ratings with Google.

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Your 4-step Dental Implant process


Schedule your consultation with Dr. Abdul


Allow him to create your bespoke Implant treatment plan


Execute the plan together


Restore function & aesthetics to your smile & regain your confidence

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Before and after

We use the best lab technician in Yorkshire so nobody will be able to tell your implant and your real teeth apart.

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Dental implant stories

Watch some of our lovely clients talking about how their dental implant treatment has changed their lives.

What can delaying your Dental Implant treatment cost you?

You can’t always have a dental implant as the supporting bone in the area gradually melts away. The more you leave it the less bone you will have and the less chances are of you being able to have an implant so take action now to avoid disappointment later.

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Your questions answered

You’ve probably got tonnes of questions. But before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones below.

Great question and our answer is that we genuinely feel we provide the best standard of dental care in the UK.


Not only is the clinician carrying out your dental implant treatment one of the most qualified specialist oral surgeons in the UK, but he is also an extremely caring individual who is sensitive to each person’s wants and needs.


Dr. Dalghous uses one of the best implant systems on the market and has attended many implant courses in Germany, Spain and other countries to bring the best implant techniques to you in Leeds.


Book your consultation online today. We are confident you won’t look back.

If the dental implant treatment is straightforward, it can be a little as eight to ten weeks from placement of the implant to fit of the final crown.


However, sometimes treatment can take longer depending on the level of complexity of your case, with some clients not finishing for up to a year.  


We will tell you the exact treatment time frame at your dental implant consultation.

Dental Implants should be looked at as an investment. Whilst the cost of an implant (£2400) is not cheap, the cost of replacing the gap with a bridge or denture over the years amounts to much more than the cost of an implant.


It is down to you if you decide it is worth the investment to to improve the quality of your life, function of your smile & overall confidence.


We only ever prescribe treatment that is necessary. If you are searching for a bargain, please keep in mind the caliber of dentistry we offer and that we are regularly having to repair many cases from other clinics that have gone wrong due to inadequate planning, lack of skills, and cheap materials used. 


We also offer Finance to make all treatments affordable. To check out our interest free finance options click here.

When carried out by an experienced clinician, most dental implants are very straightforward to place, taking only about ten to fifteen minutes to complete the surgical part of the treatment. However, more complex cases may take longer.


The majority of implants are placed under a normal dental local anesthetic. You may feel a sharp scratch as the injection takes place however once you are numb moments later you won’t feel a thing. You will feel some pressing and pushing during the procedure as well as some vibration during the drilling stage, but this will not be sharp or painful in any way.


If you are nervous you also have the option of having your treatment under sedation. Sedation is not being put to sleep, but makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed and takes the edge off things. You also rarely remember much about the procedure afterwards which is an advantage for many nervous clients.


Obviously, the more training and experience the clinician carrying out your dental implant treatment has, the quicker it will be and the more comfortable you are going to be, so make sure you check out the credentials and experience of the implant surgeon thoroughly before starting treatment.

Normally yes. We have seen many clients where other implant dentists have said there is not enough bone yet we were still able to provide dental implant treatment.


We will carry out a full assessment of course, including detailed x-rays and the latest 3D imaging to see how much bone is left and plan the implant treatment

We can sometimes extract the tooth and immediately place implants into the extraction sockets. This is known as an ‘immediate implant’.  


There are a few factors which can make it necessary to wait for healing after tooth removal, before an implant can be placed – the main factor being whether there is any sign of infection.  


If infection is present, we need to allow a healing phase of eight to twelve weeks before we can place the implants.


Do not worry, you never need have a gap if you do not wish to have one. There are all sorts of temporary solutions to make sure there is no embarrassment at any stage throughout the implant process.

When it is necessary, we use many different materials for bone grafting, which are chosen on a case-by-case basis as the best material for each client.


In some cases, client’s that have been to see other dentists and told they need a bone graft end up not needing one in our care due to our expert approach to dental implant planning.


If we do need to use bone graft material in your case, we will let you know well ahead of time so you are kept fully informed at all stages.

Why put up with missing teeth any longer?

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