Why You Should Visit The Hygienist?? (Keep Your Teeth!)

What is Hygiene in dentistry? (keep your teeth!)

We all take care of our personal hygiene and appearance, but what some of us miss daily is the hygiene of our mouths!
As a private practice we see oral hygiene as the foundation of our work; and If the foundations aren’t perfect then we can’t build perfect teeth! Gum health is probably not something a lot of our patients consider when thinking about improving their smiles. So, our aim as a practice is to teach patients about the importance of gum health and to help patients improve their oral hygiene.
Nearly 70% of people don’t see a dentist regularly, and 20% of people have never flossed!
So, what does this mean?

This means it is likely that a high percentage of people have gum disease and aren’t even aware of it, which is quite a scary thought (especially for us).

click the image below to see Georgina’s Giant toothbrush! ?


How can you solve this?
Gum disease can cause all sorts of problems such as; bad breath, bleeding gums, inflamed gums, and even bone loss which can cause you to loose your teeth! At Yorkshire Dental Suite, we have a passionate Dental Hygienist who loves nothing more than cleaning teeth and gums. It can sometimes take a few visits to improve oral hygiene, but it’s a good thing we are here to stay. In fact, we have very recently seen a patient who, believe it or not, didn’t want to leave her house because she was incredibly self-conscious about the visible plaque and tartar build up on all her teeth (The tartar buildup was so big you couldn’t actually see the bottom teeth) . Within 3 visits to Georgina, her life was completely different, and all the tartar was removing – revealing teeth she hadn’t seen in a long time!. This patient’s journey was probably the most rewarding experience for myself and georgina in our careers so far!

How does the effect nervous patients?
Yorkshire Dental Suite has been open now for just over a year and within that year we have seen and changed the perception of going to the dentist for countless nervous patients, making them believe that there really isn’t anything to be afraid of anymore! A visit to the hygienist simply involves a small instrument that vibrates slightly to remove the plaque buildup, cleaning and refreshing the areas of your teeth and gums that you can’t get to with your toothbrush!
After your clean Our hygienist Georgina will also give you a detailed explanation of how to brush your teeth effectively and also how to clean in-between your teeth on a daily basis to keep your mouth healthy and feeling fresh.
If your teeth and gums are in shape, we recommend coming for a quick clean every 6 months – and id you feel you need a little more attention then come and see our hygienist every 3 months! Please call us on 01138879594 to book your appointment if it is due or email us on hello@yorkshiredentalsuite.co.uk.
Christmas and the new year is fast approaching, lets start by having a new perspective to our oral hygiene by just being more aware!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all at Yorkshire Dental Suite!

Kind regards,

Dental Nurse, Yorkshire Dental Suite

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