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Smile Makeovers in Hull

What are Smile Makeovers?

Smile makeovers are a wonderful cosmetic dentistry process that can help restore your dream smile. Whether it’s damaged or missing teeth, we marry expertise and the latest technology to give you back the old you. Smile makeovers can include porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants, alignment and whitening, all with one aim – giving you the confidence to smile. 

Why Choose YDS Hull For Your Perfect Smile Makeover

Are chipped, stained, or misaligned teeth holding you back? Smile makeovers at Yorkshire Dental Suite’s clinic in Hull are where dentistry meets artistry. Our team of cosmetic dentists are recognised experts in their fields, whether it’s teeth whitening, alignment, implants and more. We only use products developed in our own state-of-the-art lab, such as our own trademarked Nanofill composite bonding – that’s because we believe YDS patients deserve the best.

Treatment Price
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Pricing That Will Make You Smile

The price of your smile makeover will depend on what procedures you opt for but, rest assured, we promise clear, transparent pricing with no hidden extras. You’ll discuss your treatment plan during your consultation. We’re also happy to help you with our interest-free finance options so you can spread the cost rather than have to pay a lump sum.

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Our Steps

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Step One

Your Consultation

A friendly consultation to discuss your needs and for the dentist to have an initial look at your teeth. We’ll use this information and some x-rays to start creating a plan for you. It’s also a good time for you to ask any questions you may have.

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Step Two

Create Your Plan

We’ll show you how your new smile could look using our Advanced Smile Design Software, which uses digital images of your face. This is a great chance to get a glimpse of your smile makeover. You can then look over your plan and decide which elements you want to go forward with. You can also discuss whether or not you want to have sedation, a popular choice for those who don’t enjoy visits to the dentist.

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Step Three

Your Treatment

You’ll come to our modern, relaxing clinic in Hull to start your treatment, whether it’s a one-off appointment or a series of repeat visits. We’ll put you at ease from the second you arrive, and you can opt for sedation, anaesthesia and even choose your favourite music to listen to during your treatment.

Smile Makeover FAQs

You’ve probably got tonnes of questions. But before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover combines at least two cosmetic procedures. A smile makeover is a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and the dentist may combine any cosmetic dental treatment such as teeth whitening, straightening, porcelain veneers and more.

Am I a candidate for a smile makeover?

We have successfully performed cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers for hundreds of satisfied patients that come from all around the UK.

Almost any client is a candidate for treatment. However, if you have underlying oral health issues such as gum disease, you will need to get these sorted before embarking on any cosmetic procedure.

The great news is we are lucky to have an in-house specialist periodontist (gum dentist) who can carry out all gum treatments to a specialist level.

Is there an age limit for a smile makeover?

There is no age limit for cosmetic dental treatments as long as you have good oral health and can safely undergo the included procedures.

What will my smile makeover treatment plan involve?

No two treatment plans are the same. Your smile makeover treatment plan will be bespoke to you and will allow you to achieve your smile goals. This is why each makeover is unique.

How long will my smile makeover take?

The duration of your smile makeover treatment will all depend on the number and type of procedures, as well as the extent of the changes you want to make to your smile.

Some smile makeovers take as little as one visit to the practice, while others may require several visits in order to achieve the perfect result.

How much does a smile makeover cost?

We have ensured our smile makeover prices are extremely competitive when compared to other local expert cosmetic dentists.

Please see our plans and fees page for our latest prices.

What is done in a smile makeover?

Your bespoke smile makeover puts your oral health front and centre. While the work may be cosmetic in nature, it is backed by years of experience delivering quality dental care to all of our patients.

Your makeover is tailored to your needs. We use the latest technology and software to create the perfect smile design. From this, we’ll come up with a treatment plan which could entail a variety of different options.

Typically, the types of cosmetic procedures you may have as part of your makeover include implants, composite bonding, veneers, whitening, or teeth straightening. Your new smile will be perfectly designed to suit you.

Does cosmetic dentistry take long to fully heal?

This really depends on the type of procedure that you’re having. For many cosmetic procedures such as composite bonding, porcelain veneers, or teeth whitening, you’re likely to see results within a short space of time.

For more complicated types of dental work such as dental implants or teeth straightening, it can take several months for the work to heal or show fruition.

During your initial assessment, your dentist will let you know exactly how long you can expect to see results and what the healing process will look like for your specific treatment.

How long does a smile makeover last?

The length of time the results last will depend on the dental treatment you’re having done. We’ll always recommend the procedure that will give you the longest-lasting results.

Life-changing dental options such as teeth straightening and implants are permanent, while procedures such as teeth whitening will last for several years.

We’ll be completely up-front and honest with you with regard to how long the results will last. We believe that you should be given all the right information to make an informed decision about your dental health.

Is having a smile makeover painful?

While there is no avoiding some pain and discomfort, we believe in making patients feel completely at ease during their time with us. We’ll provide anaesthetics where they’re needed to ensure your procedure is as pain-free as possible.

We know that not everybody loves a trip to see their dentist; for this reason, we also offer sedation dentistry as an option at the practice. If you’d like to learn more about IV sedation, speak with your dentist about it during your initial assessment.