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General Dentistry at Yorkshire Dental Suite, leeds

At Yorkshire Dental Suite nervous trips to the dentist are a thing of a past.

We are here to guide you to a healthy, long lasting smile in the most comfortable and stress-free way possible.

Our state-of-the-art practice is friendly and welcoming for your whole family, and you’ll get the best care whatever routine treatment you need:

Expert Hygiene treatment with our hygienist Claire to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy

White fillings which are safe, durable and match the colour of your teeth.

Root canals a bigger filling to remove the nerve of the tooth so you no longer feel pain. Our expert Endodontist team can help.

Dentures that replace missing teeth restoring function.

Children’s dentistry including teaching good habits from an early age.


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Your 4-step process


Book your new client consultation


Come in for a full dental examination


Your dentist will discuss any treatments you need and then put you on a maintenance plan


Enjoy a healthy, long lasting smile

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Routine dentistry stories

Hear what some of our clients have to say about Yorkshire Dental Suite, and how we help them maintain healthy teeth.

Can you afford not to?

How much could not having dental treatment now cost you in the future?

Are you suffering from a lack of confidence? Are you struggling
to eat properly? Is your speech affected? Time is something you can’t get back & with the right treatment, you can transform your smile and live a happier, healthier life.

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Your questions answered

You’ve probably got tonnes of questions. But before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones below.

You have already made the first step towards a healthier mouth – looking us up online.


A lot of our new clients haven’t visited the dentist for a while. This is not an issue at all as long as you take action now and do not delay anymore.


Book a new client consultation online with one of our dentists or send us an enquiry and let us get in touch with you.


We will see you for a full examination, take x-rays if necessary and put together a plan of action to address any issues that need addressing and then discuss with you our membership plans to make sure your mouth stays in shape for life.

Our new client consultations last between 30-40 minutes. We will first start by taking your full medical history. The dentist will then conduct an extra oral examination before examining your mouth and also take x-rays if necessary.


Based on your consultation the dentist will put together a bespoke treatment plan for you that may entail both general dental treatment and also cosmetic treatments.

We are are a fully private, independent practice and pride ourselves on providing our clients with an exceptional level of care.


Whilst we do not offer NHS dentistry we do have affordable membership plans that start from just £8 per month. This membership plan will cover you for check-ups and cleans.


Our initial consultation fee is also just £60 which is highly competitive with NHS initial check-ups.

Why put off visiting the dentist any longer?

Speak to us on 0113 887 9594

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