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Facial Aesthetics in leeds

We are proud to be one of Leeds most trusted and experienced facial aesthetic experts, having helped hundreds of happy Yorkshire patients look younger.

Nobody likes looking old and tired. With Advanced Facial Aesthetics, you don’t have to. Regain your youthful facial features with our anti-ageing treatments.

Our hugely successful facial aesthetic clinician Dr Ahmed who is registered to practice at the General Medical Council (GMC) is recognised in the field of Advanced Facial Aesthetics, including anti-wrinkle treatments, profile reshaping, vampire facials (PRP) and even treating headaches and excessive sweating.

Our facial aesthetic treatments

Some of Dr Ahmed’s treatments include:

  • Muscle Relaxing Injections
  • Anti Wrinkle Treatments
  • Gummy Smile Treatment
  • Vampire Facial (PRP)
  • Excessive Sweating – Hyperhydrosis
  • Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Enhancement
  • Nasolabial & Marionette Lines & Folds
  • Cheek & ‘Tear Trough’ Enhancement
  • Nose Reshaping – Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Correction – For a ‘Weak Chin’
  • Skin Boosters

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Your 3-step process


Book your face analysis consultation with Dr Ahmed (1 hour long)


Create your tailored facial aesthetics plan


Begin your facial enhancement treatment

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Dr Ahmed in action

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Your questions answered

You’ve probably got tonnes of questions. But before you get in touch, we’ve answered the most common ones below.

The cost of treatment depends on what treatment is required  to achieve the desired result. This is so variable because each treatment plan is individually tailored to the client.

Each client has a unique situation and their features can be very different from that of another client.

For treatment to be carried out successfully according to correct and normal anatomy, each face needs to be analysed first and the desired treatment discussed in detail. At YDS we do not believe in the 'one size fits all' theory.

Yes - the £50 consultation fee contributes to the treatment cost and so it will be deducted at the end of the treatment.

Yes – in most cases you will have the option to have treatment done on the day to save you having to come back for another appointment.

The treatment is generally almost painless and very comfortable. Topical anaesthetic creams are used on the skin for at least 20 minutes to numb the area in question.

However, in certain treatments such as lip and chin augmentation and other treatments around the mouth area, light dental anaesthesia can be given inside the mouth to also numb the outer skin. Both can be used if necessary and according to the client’s requirements.

When treatment is carried out by Dr Ahmed with his gentle techniques, bruising is a rare occurrence and clients can often go straight back to work without any fear of other people knowing that they have had treatment.

It depends on the treatments!

In botulinum toxin treatment, the inactivating effect of the toxin on the muscles is always neutralised by the body after 3 months.

However, the muscles remain in a state of 'muscle memory' for another one to two months. Therefore, treatment may only need repeating after 4 or five months depending on the clients age.

In the case of non-permanent dermal filler treatments, the duration of the effect is very variable and depends on many factors such as the viscosity and cross linking of the filler type, the thickness of the gel application and where it is placed in the face.

This is discussed and approximated at the consultation process.

All dermal fillers cause collagen to be produced in and under the skin however which has a much longer lasting and more permanent effect on rejuvenation.

The materials used in the treatments are very well researched with long term clinical data and are considered to be extremely biocompatible. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and threads are broken down by the body into carbon dioxide and water and excreted by the body over period of time.

Dr Ahmed holds full General Medical Council registration and has completed additional training through the British Association of Dermatologists and Royal College of Surgeons. The methods used during treatment are chosen for their safety record.

Why look any older than you have to or be unhappy with your facial features?

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