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January 25th, 2023

What Is An Implant-Retained Bridge?

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This treatment option is extremely similar to the teeth-in-a-day option previously discussed however with this option there is no need for an on-site lab technician to modify and fit the temporary teeth on the day of the surgery. This, therefore, reduces the cost of the treatment in comparison to the teeth in a day but with both treatment options the end result is the same – a fixed porcelain implant bridge.

The Ideal Choice for Fixed Implant Bridges

For this reason, the implant-retained bridge option is the most popular option for patients who are pursuing a fixed implant bridge to replace their missing teeth but without the expense of the gold standard option – teeth in a day.

With implant retained bridges once the teeth are extracted and the implants are placed, the patient receives a removable denture for the 10-week healing process and so patients do not have the same flexibility as a patient with a fixed set of temporary bridges when eating and going about their day to day activities however in some cases patients weight this up against the financial saving that comes with this treatment option as opposed to teeth in a day and they still prefer this option.

On a separate note, this treatment option is also common for patients that already wear removable dentures as their quality of life would not be massively affected if they were not to receive fixed temporary bridges on the day of the implant placement as they are already wearing dentures. In these cases after the implants are placed, the patient’s existing dentures are modified ever so slightly to rest over the implants until the implants heal and the patient returns to have their impressions and records taken to begin making the implant bridge.

This treatment option offers a lower-cost solution to a fixed set of teeth without compromising on the end result, having said this the lower cost of treatment is reflected in a tougher healing process for most as a result of having to wear removable dentures for a few months rather than having a fixed set of temporary bridges.

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