Introducing Multi-Award winning Dr Ruth Brady!

Hello everyone,

I am Dr Ruth Brady and I’m the latest clinician to join the ‘family’ at The Yorkshire Dental Suite.

I will be carrying out the non-surgical advanced facial aesthetics work at the practice to complement the amazing dental work done by the other clinicians.

I call my work ‘cosmetic surgery- without surgery’ as there is no surgery involved! Non-surgical procedures can enhance the face to make it look more youthful and better, aesthetically. I treat both men and women.

A patient’s profile can be improved by altering the balance between the features. Chins can be altered, noses straightened and the lips enhanced to make profiles look more harmonious. Additionally, wrinkles can be softened and ageing shadows eliminated. The youthful shape of the cheek and jaw line can also be restored and this can be life changing for some patients.

These procedures can enhance the work done by the cosmetic dentists to improve your smiles. There is no surgery involved and therefore very little downtime. Patients can usually return straight back to work!

I regard the teeth as the ‘picture’ and the lips as the ‘frame’. A beautiful picture deserves an equally beautiful frame!

If you are seeking to improve the overall picture, then why not consider enhancing the frame too. The teeth should never look younger than the face.

Over the years I have trained to work on the face ‘as a whole’ rather than treating isolated features as some clinicians do. Alteration of just one feature can improve or disrupt the balance of the rest of the face and one has to be able to able to predict this. This is where good treatment planning is important and an eye for symmetry and balance is essential.

As a dental surgeon for 34 years, I concentrated on various specialties which gave me the necessary knowledge and skills to enable me to transfer into the field of Facial Aesthetics in 2004. I then transitioned into Advanced Facial Aesthetics some years later. This enables me to treat the whole face and do what is required to bring about the improvement.

During 2016-2017 I gained seven national and international awards for my work in this field from ‘Treatment Planning’ to ‘Full Face’ awards. I am now involved in teaching and run a large study group to help educate my peers.

Sometimes the clinicians at YDS can make striking improvements to the smile by doing just a few conservative tweaks. This may be something as simple as a small realignment, a little bleaching and some composite bonding. The procedures are not invasive or detrimental to the teeth in any way, yet the improvements can be vast.

Similarly, I can make the soft tissues of the face look so much better too, just by carrying out treatment in a very conservative and non-surgical way. A little muscle relaxing toxin placed in the right spot can relax the muscles and change the way they work together. This can produce a look that makes the eyes sparkle when the patient smiles and yet reduces the wrinkles! A small amount of dermal filler can pad out and reduce unwanted shadows that age the face. These materials are often used in other areas of the body, to treat common medical conditions. They are not restricted to cosmetic use.

Many patients do like to receive treatment just before the weekend especially when they have lip enhancement. Because Dr Affan has introduced a lovely weekend service called ‘Smile Saturday’, I think I will now have to call my discreet end of week session ‘Face Friday’! But I will also be working at YDS on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to give a bit of flexibility to my appointment book.

In addition to the above, I also treat symptoms of oro-facial pain, muscle spasm and jaw joint problems as well as tension headaches resulting from clenching and grinding. I am able to do this because I am a dental surgeon and I understand how the teeth bite together, and the musculature that controls them. The teeth and the muscles are very much married together.

I use appliances which can be worn over the teeth at night, together with a muscle weakening toxin, to shrink the muscles which cause spasm and headaches. I have reduced pain by up to 90% in many cases. This treatment can be life-changing for people who suffer in this way. It can also slim the face down which can be aesthetically very pleasing.

Embarrassing problems such as excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) can also be treated successfully. This can occur in many different parts of the body. The common places are under the arms, the hairline and the small of the back. Excessive sweating occurs due to a sensitivity to increased temperatures or as a result of nervousness. Some patients seek treatment to improve their confidence or before a big occasion such as a wedding.

If you would like to book a consultation appointment with me then I would be delighted to see you, to discuss in complete privacy, any problems that you may you have.

For before and after photographs of consenting patients, please visit the following link:

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Kind Regards,

Dr Ruth Brady

Why You Should Visit The Hygienist?? (Keep Your Teeth!)

What is Hygiene in dentistry? (keep your teeth!)

We all take care of our personal hygiene and appearance, but what some of us miss daily is the hygiene of our mouths!
As a private practice we see oral hygiene as the foundation of our work; and If the foundations aren’t perfect then we can’t build perfect teeth! Gum health is probably not something a lot of our patients consider when thinking about improving their smiles. So, our aim as a practice is to teach patients about the importance of gum health and to help patients improve their oral hygiene.
Nearly 70% of people don’t see a dentist regularly, and 20% of people have never flossed!
So, what does this mean?

This means it is likely that a high percentage of people have gum disease and aren’t even aware of it, which is quite a scary thought (especially for us).

click the image below to see Georgina’s Giant toothbrush! ?


How can you solve this?
Gum disease can cause all sorts of problems such as; bad breath, bleeding gums, inflamed gums, and even bone loss which can cause you to loose your teeth! At Yorkshire Dental Suite, we have a passionate Dental Hygienist who loves nothing more than cleaning teeth and gums. It can sometimes take a few visits to improve oral hygiene, but it’s a good thing we are here to stay. In fact, we have very recently seen a patient who, believe it or not, didn’t want to leave her house because she was incredibly self-conscious about the visible plaque and tartar build up on all her teeth (The tartar buildup was so big you couldn’t actually see the bottom teeth) . Within 3 visits to Georgina, her life was completely different, and all the tartar was removing – revealing teeth she hadn’t seen in a long time!. This patient’s journey was probably the most rewarding experience for myself and georgina in our careers so far!

How does the effect nervous patients?
Yorkshire Dental Suite has been open now for just over a year and within that year we have seen and changed the perception of going to the dentist for countless nervous patients, making them believe that there really isn’t anything to be afraid of anymore! A visit to the hygienist simply involves a small instrument that vibrates slightly to remove the plaque buildup, cleaning and refreshing the areas of your teeth and gums that you can’t get to with your toothbrush!
After your clean Our hygienist Georgina will also give you a detailed explanation of how to brush your teeth effectively and also how to clean in-between your teeth on a daily basis to keep your mouth healthy and feeling fresh.
If your teeth and gums are in shape, we recommend coming for a quick clean every 6 months – and id you feel you need a little more attention then come and see our hygienist every 3 months! Please call us on 01138879594 to book your appointment if it is due or email us on
Christmas and the new year is fast approaching, lets start by having a new perspective to our oral hygiene by just being more aware!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all at Yorkshire Dental Suite!

Kind regards,

Dental Nurse, Yorkshire Dental Suite

What does it mean to be your Private Dentist in Leeds?

Greetings to you all! some of you have clicked onto this blog from one of our busy social media outlets (thank you for your continued support), whilst some of you have ended up on our website from a random google search or link – we think of this as “destiny” and that you have ended up getting to know us in the form of writing – we hope we can communicate to you our true feelings and intentions.

Your dentist in Leeds, Yorkshire Dental Suite.

best private dentist in leeds

Lets get started! What does it mean to be a “private dentist in Leeds?” To each one of the many other private practices out there I’m sure it means something different. Lets talk about what being a private practice means to Yorkshire Dental Suite.

Private dentistry to us means being able to provide you with a dental EXPERIENCE, rather than a dental VISIT. The word experience is very important to us as an organisation; it means we don’t just solve your dental issues or desires; we do this but we also naturally incorporate memories and emotions into the mix making your dental visits a journey with you being the passenger, the reception team and nurses being the cabin crew, and the dentist as the pilot leading you to your destination – a wonderful smile!

As a private dentist the clinician is lucky enough not to be limited by any time constraints or having to meet a deadline for the number of patients they have to treat; they are free to spread their wings as ethical dentists and provide you with a first class level of dental care and service, offering consultations that last 30-40 minutes, extended time for each treatment appointment, and review appointments within a few days if anything ever needs tweaking. It is thanks to this freedom that the dentist can be themselves and develop genuine long lasting relationships with you all which makes the friendly, caring and warm atmosphere we are lucky to have at Yorkshire Dental Suite.

After all in life all we have to hold on to is experiences and relationships, and at Yorkshire dental suite we try our best to make each experience as pleasant and joyful as possible, and your dental journey however long or short – as memorable and fulfilling as possible.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Kind Regards,

Elhussein Dalghous

It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary :)

YDS 1 Year Anniversary

Let’s start this blog post by celebrating a year since the opening of Yorkshire Dental Suite, what an amazing year it has been! We have been privileged enough to meet some amazing people that we now call family of YDS. It all started a little over 2 years ago when Dr. Dalghous, our practice owner, had a vision and with that built his dream with his two twin boys Hassan and Hussein. Their determination and ambition together has now made a place of honest dentistry which welcomes patients from all over the country.

Our team here at Yorkshire Dental Suite work so hard to provide excellent customer service and outstanding standards of dentistry, ensuring you all leave our practice feeling positive! As a relatively new practice, we are so very grateful for all reviews left on social networking sites and in our comments book and love to read through your comments daily. We have felt overwhelmed with the amount of recommendations we have received from loyal patients recently and would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you from everyone here at YDS!

Our team continues to grow, and we have recently welcomed our newest member newly qualified dental nurse Caitlin who works alongside our lovely hygienist Georgina and with our practice owner Dr Dalghous. Caitlin is with us on Wednesdays and Thursdays and is an absolute delight and a fabulous addition!

We have now hit October! Summer has disappeared (if we can call it a summer!) which brings us closer to Christmas and new year. As a thank you from all the team here at YDS for all your support, recommendations and amazing reviews we would like to offer 10% off our whitening treatments and Facial aesthetics.

I would like to finish this post by thank you all again for your support on behalf of all the team at Yorkshire Dental Suite, what a pleasure to meet you all.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kindest regards,
Lily- Lead Nurse