Lucy Westwood

Lucy Westwood

Dental Nurse

GDC Number: 274194

Lucy joined the YDS team in March 2019. She has been dental nursing for nearly 4 years and offers enthusiasm, confidence and a high standard of care to YDS patients.

Lucy is a fully qualified dental nurse working on expanding her qualifications.

Lucy has big aspirations for the future and personal targets that are sky high.

Lucy enjoys nursing for many reasons including meeting new people, providing care with much attention to detail and supporting clients throughout treatment. Lucy is an approachable young lady, willing to provide guidance and support during your YDS dental journey.

Besides her working routine, Lucy spends her time with family and friends. Lucy also takes great interest in what is happening in the world regarding sociology. Lucy enjoys learning about cultures and beliefs that are not of my own as she finds new concepts and their contributions to society intriguing.