5 Reasons Why Nanofill Composite Bonding® is Superior to Traditional Composite Bonding

5 Reasons Why Nanofill Composite Bonding® is Superior to Traditional Composite Bonding

Adam Rob Botterman

Last Update: MARCH 13, 2024

Summary: Composite Bonding has been around for quite a long time. In fact, it dates back to 1955, the same year we also got Velcro, the hovercraft and the first microwave oven. It involves a protective bond being applied to the existing tooth, shaped and then dried. While the technology around bonding has moved on a bit over the years, and has always been stronger and more natural-looking than old-fashioned amalgam, there hasn’t been a great leap forward in the treatment for ages. Until now… Yorkshire Dental Suite exclusively offer the latest innovation in the area - Nanofill Composite Bonding® - that has clear advantages over run-of-the-mill bonding.

  1. A stronger smile
  2. Composite bonding is a great choice for a more aesthetic smile, but did you know it strengthens your teeth too? The bonding protects your tooth enamel, and also helps correct common flaws such as misshapen teeth, gaps, discolouring and decay. Nanofill Composite Bonding® goes one further - it’s a stronger product that is more chip and crack-resistant, giving you the freedom to not only smile again, but also enjoy the food you love. 

  3. Say goodbye to stains
  4. Red wine, tea and coffee, dark fruits, sports drinks - there are lots of everyday things that can leave your teeth stained. One of the benefits of composite bonding is that it not only hides those old stains beneath the material used, but can be resistant towards new stains as well. But how does something that’s even more stain resistant sound? Well, that’s exactly what Nanofill Composite Bonding® is - leaving your teeth looking brilliant for years to come.

  5. The future is brighter
  6. Composite bonding does more than just repair cracked or chipped teeth - it adds a glow and lustre to them too, delivering a Hollywood smile without the Hollywood budget. The good news? Nanofill Composite Bonding® is even brighter, meaning you can have a knockout smile that’s straight, strong and gorgeous. The superior polishing of Nanofill means you’ll leave your same-day procedure grinning and gleaming. 

  7. You get better results for the exact same procedure
  8. Nanofill Composite Bonding® is no more invasive or painful than ye olde composite bonding. You still won’t have drilling, you still won’t need an anaesthetic. You’ll get sparkling, stronger results in exactly the same time-frame as old school bonding. And even if you’re still not a fan of dentist visits, you get the peace of mind that this treatment will last longer than the alternative, which lasts for, on average, five years. This trademarked upgrade means you won’t have to visit again for up to eight years!


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  10. Yorkshire Dental Suite has incredible reviews that reflects the hard work they’ve put in to make the dental experience truly different. No cold, intimidating clinics - going to YDS is an eye-opener for many of their patients, who love the relaxed vibe and spa-like feel. And they’re the only place you can get the innovative Nanofill Composite Bonding®, which gives you the best of both worlds - the newest treatment in the highest-rated clinic you can visit.